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The beautiful island of lombok is a unique destination completely different to bali, which is only a short flight or ferry trip, away similar in size and with something to suit all travelers regardless of what want. Friendly lombok people ,includes sasak ,some still living in traditional villages with mud and thatch huts, while the city of Mataram and the Dutch –influenced Ampenan are bustling little town. The established tourist area is Senggigi beach ,with a range of hotels ,small shop and restaurant, doted along a peaceful bay, however ,new resorts are now up along deserted to the north .For peaceful retreat and relaxation, it is this area that is attracting most visitors ,however, there is more to see in lombok. The beautiful gili islands of lombok are paradise ,with white sand beaches ,few people and some great snorkeling and diving spots. Night life in this area may be a good alternative or even for a night dive ,others are a complete escape from crowds and offer total relaxation. From island hideaways, visitor can travel inland to explore the urged countryside. In particular the awesome mount Rinjani volcano or the village of Tetebatu offer some fabulous trekking and beautiful panorama for the more adventurous As well as scenery, lombok offers terrific sightseeing and Shopping, with some villages producing famous lombok pottery and Silk weaving at reasonable prices .Whether you get a car or motor bike and drive yourself, or arrange for a driver to show you the way, you will find a country with little influence yet from modern development and tourism. Even on the road, the bulk of traffic is the cidomo, or horse and cart. When there are so much more of everything to see, meanwhile you have such a limited time, a good planning, becomes very essential to help you to make the most of your time away. Lombok explorer holidays .has prepared the comprehensive program of lombok to show what you want to see and what you really will enjoy in this amazing land This tours planner guarantees that your interest will always be our prime concern, for it is the result of our long process of study and careful planning. It present variety of tours in the area, not only covering the most popular places of the countries but also to satisfy the desire for special interest and adventure. We put the high standard of our selected personal on the skill and capability to provide the highest standard of services and products our dear guest may have the nicest memorable experience in lombok. Why wait ………Book now and contact us.